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For over two decades, Storage Pro has evolved as a leading manufacturer and exporter of lifestyle-oriented accessories. Products include storage and organisation solutions for the audio, computer and leisure markets.

By building an exceptional reputation for quality, innovation and customer service, the company has established a broad customer base in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Operating from Hong Kong, with purpose built manufacturing facilities in China; Storage Pro has the capacity to employ over 1000 dedicated staff and produce upwards of 260,000 units per week.


ISO 9001 certification provides all-round quality control throughout the manufacturing process, enabling scalable production to meet the demands of specialist projects. Efficient management improves overall lead times, resulting in greater product consistency and increased customer confidence.

With a growing range of over 3000 items, new products are developed in association with customer feedback and continually changing market trends. A complete OEM/ODM service is available; from simple promotional items to elaborate custom projects, Storage Pro is dedicated to providing superb quality products at an unbeatable price.


Having developed a strong customer base comprising luxury fashion brands and major players in the consumer electronics field; we have what it takes to work with the most demanding clients. Core strengths begin with a strong Project Management team who continually focus on quality and innovation. Our R&D and Engineering Department sits at the cutting edge and prides themselves with the highest level of customer service offering peace of mind that all safety regulations and government legislation is met.


The most demanding retail giants have a stringent set of requirements, and with over twenty years experience Storage Pro is proud to have passed the most challenging Factory Audits, displaying full compliance with global labour laws.

Evolving as a one-stop-shop we provide a truly end-to-end OEM/ODM service from conceptual design, manufacturing, to packaging right through to fulfilment and logistics. Such diverse capabilities help ensure that prices are competitive and lead times are as short as possible.


Storage Pro is a powerhouse for elaborate custom projects. With a strong team lead by industry experts we have the capability to turn the wildest concepts into real-world products, fit for the global market.

With a rich history working alongside leading tech companies we have the confidence and knowledge to tackle the largest and most complex plans. Wholly In-house tooling helps maintain the privacy of design whilst automated machinery ensures consistent quality for large-scale production.


Storage Pro provides extremely high levels of tooling and moulding
capabilities, enabling customers to evaluate basic concept sketches right through
to mass production tooling. Our in-house Mechanical Engineers and Designers work
closely with clients to truly understand the complexity and requirements which are
then transformed into accurate 3D models. Once the models are finalised, and with
the end result in sight, we offer various tooling techniques such as core cavity
separation, electrode design. Storage Pro gives clients the confidence that all
designed products are a perfect fit in the intended market.


Storage Pro offers a wide range of production facilities
aimed at delivering an outstanding finish to all customer products. Injection
moulding is a low cost and effective way to create plastic products and key component.
Benefits include greater flexibility of materials and colours in conjunction to providing
a basis for complex geometry and high tensile strength. Injection moulding has
a fast production rate with excellent unit consistency, making it perfect for so many lifestyle accessories.


Injection and Compression moulding is used to form functional-fit silicone
products using various grades of Silicone Elastomer. Precision moulded for
a perfect fit, silicone accessories can comprise of any colour match, an Anti-Dust
non-slip coating and also an Anti-Microbial component if so desired.


Storage Pro pioneered the production of multi-colour silicone, a manufacturing technique
that allows several layers and colours of silicone to combine forming a single product.
The product remains physically strong and flexible but with a visually
enhanced appearance offering contrasting colours and 3D texture.
Ideal as an alternative to screen printing or to completely customise
your silicone accessory, greatly enhancing it’s market value.


Traditional heat pressing techniques can be used to
create a variety of different products. One of the main advantages
is the ability to combine different materials together; for example
fabric on hard plastic with a seamless finish.
Customised moulds can be built for bespoke applications depending
onthe complexity and finish desired.


Products made with EVA are traditionally soft and elastic but
with structurally strong characteristics. Perfect for high impact cases
such as those used for headphones and sunglasses, EVA pressing is one of
the core strengths at Storage Pro. From the design stage right through to tool
design and production, we specialise in making even the most complicated
EVA products come to life.


Storage Pro has the equipment and expertise to provide fully
automated precision die-cutting. Automated production lines offer
pressurisation and pressing for fast, precise cutting
with high output rates and reduced waste.


Storage Pro has a number of advanced techniques enabling high quality
prints to be applied on a number of different surfaces and materials.
Ideal for customising products with your own brand or textured pattern prints.

Unlike traditional methods, digital technology does not require
high MOQ’s or expensive filming – making it ideal for all
projects from small to big.


Laser cutting technology helps ease the production process thanks to
incredibly precise carving which is completely contactless and leaves no material deformation.

Materials of differing thickness can be laser cut with high levels of
precision leaving completely clean edges. Computerised operation reduces
labour an ensures guaranteed consistency for all units leaving the production line.

CNC Machine

CNC Machining uses computer controlled machine tools to
produce highly accurate parts from a single material. The process
can be repeated in exactly the same manner over and over again to
ensure 100% consistency between units. The high degree of accuracy
means that even the most complex 3D shapes can be produced.


At the heart of the Storage Pro facility is the
Cut & Sew department, providing expertise to produce high volumes
of simple or complex bags, complete with a full array of customisation options.

Computer monitored cut & sew machines are used to ensure
perfectly straight edges and clean fabric finishes, dramatically
increasing the consistency between units.


To create outstanding quality products it’s critical to ensure
that any measurements 100% are accurate and precise. We achieve this
using the latest 3D scanning technology to create a fully
functional 3D model of a product. This technology dramatically
decreases the development and tooling lead times when
working with newly announced devices and products.

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